Just got my letter to myself from the teacher who told me to write a letter to myself four years into the future, but it’s really more like five now. Met her again at my friend’s mom’s funeral.

What an awful event to be seeing everyone that I have not seen in such a long time.

Just wanted to keep this on here in case I ever lose this letter just so I know I have some way to access it again.

Perhaps I’ll write to myself again and open it in another five years.

"May 19/20, 2009

Hey man,

It’s great to talk to you after four years. I’m writing this as I’m graduating high school and you’re going to be reading as you finish undergraduate school at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It’s literally the night before your last day as a senior and you’ve just finished studying for French (finish the rest in Physics tomorrow) and doing your poem essay for Cabrera. I saved this for last because I think this is a perfect time to let some things outs. You’ve been through a lot over the years and I truly hope the load has begun to lighten over the course of growing up. I promised myself to never grow up too fast and I sure hope you’ve kept that promise during the last four years and I hope that you keep that promise always. High school has been a blur to be honest since I spent Sophomore/Junior year depressed over my break ups with Lauryn. But I’m all better because she’s all mine and the two of us have been together for about seven months since the time of this letter: Oct. 13, 2008 to May 13, 2009 is seven months. The time I spent depressed, I do regret deeply. That’s two years of being sad and that got you no where. I could have tried dating again, that was pointless considering she was all you could ever think about. But I had a good run and I’m proud of what I have accomplished. I truly hope you’re happy with your continuing life. Just go out and enjoy yourself after reading this. You enjoy it. Your friends are always there for you and hopefully the friends you’ve made are still in contact with you and you remain friends.

Some serious love, from your past self

JP Brillo”

Does anyone have a spare Smash Bros. code they would be willing to give me?

It would be much appreciated! :D

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